Reasons Not to Ignore Blurry Vision

For almost every individual, blurred vision just means you need glasses. People believe that blurred vision is because of aging or eye strain. They think that it’s nothing to be concerned about. However, the truth is that a blurry vision might present a more severe health condition. 

There are a lot of reasons for blurred vision. Though refractive errors like astigmatism and nearsightedness or eyestrain and aging are the most common causes of blurred vision, there are more severe illnesses. This includes cataracts, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, stroke or high blood pressure, brain tumors and headaches, and diabetes.  

That’s why it is extremely crucial to book regular eye checkups with your Houston eye doctor. 


Symptoms of cataracts can include halos around light, night glares, cloudy vision, and blurred vision that obstruct visual perception. If you neglect this, cataracts can lead to vision loss. Luckily, surgeries for cataracts are extremely successful.  

Multiple Sclerosis 

It can be an early sign of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) if you’ve got blurred vision in a single eye. This condition causes inflammation of the optic nerve. This leads to a complication called optic neuritis. Other signs of optic neuritis include pain when moving the eyes and loss of color vision. Though MS can cause this complication, it does not mean you’ve got MS if you have optic neuritis. Infection or illness are common causes of optic nerve inflammation. 


Blurry vision might be an early sign of glaucoma. This condition puts pressure on the eye that damages the optic nerve. Oftentimes, glaucoma is hard to detect in early stages. However, don’t hesitate to get your eyes examined if you notice blurred vision, shadows, or loss of peripheral vision. This condition can be effectively treated. However, if left neglected, it can lead to permanent blindness. 

Stroke or High Blood Pressure 

High blood pressure can cause a stroke. In addition to that, it can also result in a minor stroke of the eye, also known as vein occlusion. Typically, it shows up as blurred vision in one eye. For a vein occlusion, you’ll be prescribed a clot-busting treatment. However, it should be administered right away to be effective. But, it can be an indication of a stroke if you experience sudden blurred vision in both or in one eye.  

Brain Tumors and Headaches 

Oftentimes, seeing spots, sensitivity to light, and blurry vision accompany migraine headaches. However, experiencing headaches and blurry vision that will not go away even if you don’t have migraines can mean that you’ve got a tumor that’s causing pressure to build in your brain. 


Blurred vision and diabetes can present a condition known as diabetic retinopathy. Low blood sugar can cause damaged blood vessels in your retina. This will then result in macula in your retina as well, causing a condition called macular degeneration. It can cause vision loss if it isn’t treated and diagnosed properly.  

Though blurred vision might not be an indication of a severe illness, regular examination will tell you what you’ve got to understand.  



Important Driving Tips that any Young Driver Should Know

Do you have a driving student—your daughter, son, friend? If yes, it is important to let them be aware of all the safety measures to make sure that they will be taught in terms of being a safe driver. Below are a few tips from Chesapeake Towing Company’s experts so that your young driver can prevent possible breakdown or accident in the near future:

Long-distance trips

If your driving student can only drive from the school back to your home, then now must be the time to teach them how to deal with traveling on long distances since they are much more complicated. So, it is recommended to attempt to do let them practice driving anywhere they want to go under your supervision. This is perfect on every road trip you will have. Also, allow them to drive so that they can get used to it eventually.

Basics of stoplight

Stoplights could become extremely confusing, especially to young drivers since it has three different lights that tell the different meaning. Other signs need drivers to give way before turning left instead of just turning. Hence, you should guarantee to let your young driver students know what that spotlight means as you drive them around while teaching them.

Night driving

Guarantee to spend your time with them as you drive around at night on both the empty roadsides and freeways until they become used to driving at nighttime. This is also a great practice about activating car blinkers and lights if needed. You should teach them about the risk of drunk, tired, or drowsy driving and the importance of not forcing yourself to drive if you’re not feeling well. Or else, you won’t be able to fully pay attention to the road and the surroundings.

Unfamiliar maps or places

Teach your driving students to be attentive to their geography. They can familiarize it by allowing them to read a map, which could help make road escape plan alternatives in case you have missed off-ramp, exit, or turn. Let them know to never do sudden rapid turns and that keeping safe and steady towards your destination is very important. You can also let them navigate or read a map.

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