To Make the Best, Better

  Fall Session 2016-2017

Project Choices for October 11 - January 24

Hands on Science

Leaders: Tammi Dearing and Amy Faro
Ages: Up to 12

NOTE: This is the only option for Cloverbuds

This class is largely a series of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) challenges where the students will learn to design and test solutions to problems with simple materials. Many of the challenges are based on literary and legendary figures such as Bangor's own Paul Bunyan, Johnny Appleseed, and many others.
This project is very hands on (and occasionally messy!) and needs additional parent help. If you're available, please lend a hand in here.

Maine Studies

Leaders: Sarah Babcock and Joyce Hanson
Ages: 9+

Come join us in studying our great state of Maine. We will learn some Maine history, the sixteen counties, Maine industries, some Native American tribes, and we will try to do a few fun field trips around the state. We will also discuss some traditional Maine recipes to try.

Public Speaking

Leaders: Brooke Williams and Sonya Bowers
Ages: 11+
Limit: 10 Students

Build your confidence in front of a crowd by learning to communicate in front of a friendly audience. From preparation to presentation, we'll cover the basics of speaking to an audience to persuade, to inform, or to entertain. We'll discuss the use (and misuse) of logic, and apply our skills to a debate. At the end of the project, students will have the opportunity to compete in a tournament with other 4-Hers from our area, and possibly advance to state level.
We will have fun, but be warned: Some preparation must be done between meetings (AKA homework!)